Private Lessons

Students ages 8 and up are invited to pursue private voice instruction with Sarah Richàrd. Students learn a variety of classical, folk and musical theater repertoire, with the focus being on creating a healthy and sustainable vocal technique, understanding important music theory concepts (note reading, basic piano competency, rhythm and pitch accuracy, and much more) while also learning artistry, theatricality, and audition and performance skills!  Lessons are given in weekly 30 minute increments, and it is highly recommended that students have access to a piano keyboard at home. To inquire about private voice lessons with Sarah, please email 






Dr. Jessica Schroeder maintains her private piano studio at Alley Bell Music. Lessons are available to ages 5 and up. With the Frances Clark quote “There is music in every child. The teacher’s job is to find it and nurture it.” as the guiding tenet of her teaching philosophy, Jessica strives to help all students achieve their musical best. Jessica enjoys teaching students of all ages, creating independent musicians who can problem-solve and practice on their own, equipping them for a lifetime of musical enjoyment.To inquire about private piano lessons with Jessica, please email







Students ages 5 and up are invited to join guest teacher Rowena Morgan, teaching virtually from her studio in California. Learn to read music, and gain fine motor skills that can transfer to flute, oboe, saxophone and clarinet in the future! To see a short video clip with Rowena, please visit

To inquire about private recorder lessons with Rowena, please email