What People Say About our Music Together® Classes

"What an incredible experience this was! Our son usually goes with mom to music class but I finally got to go with them and we all had a great time. I am not normally one to sing and dance in a group setting but I felt completely comfortable here. The kids can roam around freely, not expected to sit still or be perfectly behaved. Our 1 year old was off exploring and then the music changed and he would scoot right back to see what was happening. He LOVED it! He was dancing, playing instruments and interacting positively with other kids there. It was amazing to see him so active and interacting so much. Great program and an awesome experience."

-Eric A.


"We LOVE this music program! The teachers are so enthusiastic, and great with kids and the adults. This is the second semester for my son and I. He enjoys it so much, I think instrument time is his favorite:) The songs are catchy and the whole family ends up singing them at home! I am constantly amazed at how much he learns each session and it's so neat to see him replicate the movements at home. I can't say enough good things about this program you have to check them out!!!"

-Lindsey M. 


"Next semester will be our third. Great for social, musical and creative development. Awesome for kids, parents and grandparents. Amazing creative music that will create memories for a lifetime. You might even find yourself singing the songs at work... lol" 

-Bill F. 


"This is a wonderful music program in a very fun location. Teacher Sarah has a beautiful voice and is such a delightful teacher; my grandson knows all of the songs from class and I catch him singing them all day long. I highly recommend this program." 

-Elizabeth T. 


"This music program for young children is wonderful! The songs are geared towards families but aren't the same nursery songs you hear everywhere else. Each session features a theme that ties the different songs together making each session different and yet providing a routine the children can quickly grow comfortable with for maximum fun. Each class features lots of fun interactive play that gets the kids excited about the songs too.

Both of my children benefited greatly from the Music Together program. Being exposed to music early on improves brain function by creating connections that children who aren't exposed to music don't ever make. I'm so thankful my family found this program and we were able to grow and play together."

-Julie S. 


" I love Music Together because I see the joy it brings my daughter to sing, play instruments and dance even though she is not even a year old. It's wonderful that we have a whole set of songs and rhythms to sing throughout the day that are outside the standard of "kid songs". We will be participants for many years!"

-Vanessa S.


"We enjoyed the demo class so much today! Miss Sarah is truly gifted and wonderful with both children and caregivers alike. If you're looking for a musical experience that engages the whole family, and fosters your child's innate musical ability, I highly recommend Alley Bell Music and the Music Together curriculum!" 

-Joy G.


"I highly recommend the Alley Bell Music Together class for you and your little ones! We did a demo class on Saturday, and it was awesome. Blake keeps asking to go back to music class, and this is a kid who frequently tells me to stop singing! We'll be starting classes this summer!"

-Tiffany S.


"I started my son Harry in the Alley Bell Music Together class when he was four months old. I wondered if he would even get anything out of it, and he absolutely LOVED it! Now at almost eleven months old, he still gets excited every time I turn the songs on in the car."

-Shannon W.