Music Together® Rhythm Kids

Big kids know what they like. Telling silly stories. Playing games. Being in charge. Designed specifically for pre-K and early elementary students, our active Rhythm Kids classes for big kids tap into how children this age are wired to learn, with music games, animal rhythm stories, and lots of stomping-flying-climbing fun-plus the added bonus of learning the Djembe drum!

Rhythm Kids is just the thing to encourage your children to start making music with their friends. By the end of the semester, they’ll be proud to show off what they’ve learned: to you, their friends and teachers, and—let’s face it—for some kids, every person they meet!

During this time of online learning, our Rhythm Kids might just gain a pen pal too, as they take class with kids from Alley Bell Music as well as our far-away friends in British Columbia and California!

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Thursday 11:00 AM 04/15/21 Ashley Register
Thursday 5:00 PM 04/15/21 Ashley Register